Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fly Fishing North Fork & Rockbridge 2-2013

Dan, Chris and I had a great trip down to Rockbridge and the North Fork River. Dan and I fished Rockbridge the first day before Chris got there. It was pretty cold in the early morning at 8 degrees, which kept freezing up the rod eyelets as well as the reels; didn’t take long to warm up though and be fairly decent. It was catch and release fishing all day long and we caught a lot of nice sized rainbow trout. We used a variety of flies, but best seemed to be Woollys and midges.  We only saw one other fisherman all day long, and it was a beautiful setting. Later we all three had a very nice meal at the Rockbridge restaurant.  The second day was all day on the North Fork in boats with guides. We did some nymphing without too much luck but did a little better with streamers. We used very large streamers and double flies with names like Voodoo Squatch, Ice Pick, and Sex Dungeon, mostly stripping and using sink / sink tip lines. Due to the conditions and being able to stand up in the saddle slings, we had pretty good visibility and saw quite a few chasers throughout the day. We each caught around 4 – 6 fish, mostly brown trout. The largest was Dan’s 21 inch brown after lunch. And we had a great, hot shore lunch cooked up by the guides. This is the life! We went from Blair Bridge to James Bridge. What a great time. The last day we fished a little more at Rockbridge and brought some home for some good eating. On the unique side of things, Chris brought his Tenkara rod and fished a little with that (and let us try it too). That’s a whole nother story.

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